No NBA so here’s a simple mix/mashup I made. With a randomly made vid to go with it. Enjoy, CG fans.


L.A.K.E.R.S. Fan

I actually started this and was gonna rap it (lol) in 2008, but we lost in the Finals… forgot about it then had to rewrite some of the lyrics (guys mentioned in it like Radman had left) and just never got around to finishing it. Was gonna release it on New Year’s and shit talk Miami but we lost that game… and I know after this year’s loss I’m never gonna do it so here’s the song lyrics..

It goes to the song M.E.T.H.O.D. Man

From the intro to 2:20 on the video.

It definitely helps a lot if you know how the song goes, cuz if you don’t, the lyrics and how to rap them will sound fucking retarded to you. I tried to keep the same strange/crazy/awesome flow and similar rhyme scheme, but change the lyrics to fit Lakers (even kept some of them the same since they fit).

Here goes..


From the courts of LA

The World Champions strike again

The Mamba, Gasol

The Wise Zenmaster Ron Artest

Andrew Bynum D Fish

The killa bees and the Lakers (FAN)





[Verse One:]

HEY, YOU, get off my couch

I don’t like you and you ain’t in my crowd

You just gotta scram before you mess with my fam

Here I am, here I am, the Lakers Fan

Shake n bake, shake n bake HEY the Kobe jam

Three by Blake Barnes Ron or Shannon Brown

Lamar stutters, rolls it like butter

Andrew, smashes you like an utter

RAM, If I’m Sam, Sam I am,

But I won’t rock green jerseys man

Style will hit ya, WHAM, then goddamn

Purple and gold, OH YEAH that’s the plan

Turn it up, now hear us get rough, you in a drought

We about to blow losers out

Upside downside inside and outside

Replay it from every angle there’s no doubt

III, am, just one of many Lakers Fans

From Cali to Japan won’t miss a game like Dyan

And Jack, with some of this and some of that

Hold up (what?) I tawt I taw I putty tat

Over there, but I think he best to beware

Of the Doberman D right here

Yippy yippy yay yippy yah yippy yo

Like Stu said you ain’t gon mess with Kobe

Comin like rah ooh ah achie kow

Tell me how ya like it so far doctor Pau

The showtime is in motion coast to coast and

Smooooth on the court like lotion

What’s the commotion, oh my loooord

Another point added to the Lakers score

We hear YESSS like Maaaarv Albert

It’s the Lakers Fan ain’t no if ands about it

We’re the Lakers


All right y’all, get ya banners, get ya flags, get ya hats

Don’t forget your t-shirts

And we gonna do it like this

We make, it to the finals

We win, another title

And we about to go and threepeat

Yes we about to go and threepeat

I got, myself a jersey

I got, to go watch Kobe

And I’m about to go get tickets

Yes I’m about to go get tickets

[End song with random shit talking]


I was gonna release it on youtube with a video to go along with the lyrics, highlights of the Lakers to the words, Sam Cassell airballing while on the Celts on the Sam I Am line, Paul Pierce wheelchair on the putty tat line, with Kobe playing sick defense/scowling for the Doberman line, blah blah yadda yadda.


- Tupac

- Tupac