Ray Allen gw with the Heat, all angles

Jason Kidd tips it in for the Heat! Wrong team kid

Wade - Muthafucka!

Lebron - Ah shit!

Play of the Game!

Lebron James’ Flagrant Flop on Tyson Chandler


Lebron gets embarrassed at the All Star Game haha


Lebron BLATANT travel not called by the refs.

ESPN ‘Experts’ - Who predicted best?

If you’re a frequenter of ESPN’s website, you know that during the playoffs, many of their experts make predictions on who will win each series. I took some time to count up who was the most accurate in their predictions. I looked at who chose the winner of each series (for example, Dallas over Miami in the finals), and also who got the most series in the exact # of games (for example, Dallas over Miami in 6 games).

25 ‘experts’ made at least one prediction this year. Out of 15 possible picks to be made, 14 of the 25 experts made 6 or less picks. The other 11 made at least 13 of the 15 picks, so those guys will be the ones listed here, sorted by % of correct winners chosen.

1.  - Adande - 80% (12/15 picks). His wrong predictions were Atl/Orl, Dal/LAL, and Sas/Mem… which every single expert got wrong. Chose 3 series in the exact number of games.

2.  - Broussard - 73.3% (11/15). He chose Miami to win it all, which was his additional wrong selection. He did however choose 4 series in the exact number of games, which was a high from the experts.

3.  - Arnovitz - 69.2% (9/13). He missed out on picking 2 series, and besides that, he (like Broussard) chose Miami over Dallas. Chose 2 series perfectly.

4.  - Stein - 66.7% (10/15). Went for Denver and Boston when they failed, chose 3 series perfectly.

4.  - Hollinger - 66.7% (10/15). Bet against the champs every time except vs OKC. Chose 3 series perfectly.

6.  - Abbot - 66.7% (10/15). Placed below Stein and Hollinger because he only had one perfect series, compared to 3 by the previous two.

7.  - Thorpe - 64.3% (9/14). Figured Dallas would lose in the 2nd round, then WCF, then Finals. Chose 3 series perfectly.

8.  - Sheridan - 60% (9/15). Unlike some others, he chose against Dallas in the first 3 rounds, then picked them over Miami in the Finals. But, he was one of two experts to not get a single series in the exact number of games.

9.  - Wilbon - 57.1% (8/14). Chose against Dallas vs Portland and in the Finals, and also wanted his hometown Bulls vs Miami. 2 series chosen perfectly.

10.  - Ford - 53.3% (8/15). Tied for the worst record by any expert, but he did choose 3 series in the exact number of games.

11.  - Legler - 53.3% (8/15). The worst expert predictions, by the numbers. 7 wrong guesses (4 more wrong guesses than the best), and not a single series chosen in the exact number of games. Did not choose Dallas in a single series.


Best from the rest:

 - Barry - 83.3% (5/6). He only made picks in 6 series, but he got 5 of them right. To add to that, 3 out of his 5 correct picks were in the exact number of games.

Worst of the bunch:

 - Ramsay - 0% (0/2). He only made 2 picks… picking against Dallas vs OKC and vs Miami. Sorry Dr. Jack.

Enjoy this useless info.

Mario Chalmers from halfcourt again!!!


Wade chokes in the clutch..


D-Wade skies over Cardinal for the oop!


Wade’s dunk attempt goes in