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Jordan > Bowie


How to play defense.


NBA HoFers per Championship Squad

Just a simple list of the Hall of Famers on each NBA Championship team since the NBA-ABA merger. Must have played at least four games in that year’s playoffs. For players who do not qualify for the HoF yet (retired in 2005 or later), virtual locks will be listed, as well as the “maybes” (listed with a “?” next to their names).

1977 Blazers - 1 (Bill Walton)

1978 Bullets - 2 (Elvin Hayes, Wes Unseld)

1979 Sonics - 1 (Dennis Johnson)

1980 Lakers - 2 (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson)

1981 Celtics - 4 (Nate Archibald, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish)

1982 Lakers - 3 (Kareem, Magic, Bob McAdoo)

1983 Sixers - 2 (Julius Erving, Moses Malone)

1984 Celtics - 4 (Bird, Dennis Johnson, McHale, Parish)

1985 Lakers - 4 (Kareem, Magic, McAdoo, James Worthy)

1986 Celtics - 5 (Bird, DJ, McHale, Parish, Bill Walton)

1987 Lakers - 3 (Kareem, Magic, Worthy)

1988 Lakers - 3 (Kareem, Magic, Worthy)

1989 Pistons - 2 (Joe Dumars, Isiah Thomas)

1990 Pistons - 2 (Dumars, Thomas)

1991 Bulls - 2 (Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen)

1992 Bulls - 2 (Jordan, Pippen)

1993 Bulls - 2 (Jordan, Pippen)

1994 Rockets - 1 (Hakeem Olajuwon)

1995 Rockets - 2 (Clyde Drexler, Hakeem)

1996 Bulls - 2 (Jordan, Pippen)

1997 Bulls - 2 (Jordan, Pippen)

1998 Bulls - 2 (Jordan, Pippen)

1999 Spurs - 2 (David Robinson, Tim Duncan)

2000 Lakers - 2 (Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal)

2001 Lakers - 2 (Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal)

2002 Lakers - 2 (Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal)

2003 Spurs - 2-4 (Robinson, Duncan, Manu Ginobili?, Tony Parker?)

2004 Pistons - 0

2005 Spurs - 1-3 (Duncan, Ginobili?, Parker?)

2006 Heat - 3 (Shaquille O’Neal, Gary Payton, Dwyane Wade)

2007 Spurs - 1-3 (Duncan, Ginobili?, Parker?)

2008 Celtics - 3 (Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce)

2009 Lakers - 1-2 (Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol?)

2010 Lakers - 1-2 (Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol?)

Note: The great “foreign” players from recent title teams (Ginobili, Gasol) were listed here as questionable since as of now with their NBA accomplishments they most likely would not make the HoF, but perhaps with their international achievements they would. For the rest, I used basketball-reference’s HoF Probability score and not my own opinions to judge whether or not players were HoF-worthy (I think Ben Wallace’s defensive achievements definitely have a shot of landing him in the HoF, and I believe Rajon Rondo is a HoF player).

Also, I included those players “past their primes” at the time on the list if they are in the HoF (1986 Bill Walton, 2006 Gary Payton).


Here’s my own thoughts on this. I believe Ben Wallace should one day make the HoF, and none of the other 2004 Pistons will. This would mean that every NBA team requires at least one Hall of Famer to win the Championship. The 77 Blazers, 79 Sonics, 94 Rockets, and 04 Pistons will be the only teams post-merger to win the title with only one HoFer. Ginobili and/or Parker from the Spurs will make the HoF, as well as Gasol of the Lakers. Also, I believe that Dennis Rodman is indisputably a HoFer (being kept out due to his image), which would bring the Bad Boys Pistons and 2nd Threepeat Bulls’ count to 3 HoFers each.

The Celtics have a history of being stacked with HoFers. Rajon Rondo will get into the Hall at this pace, meaning all four of the Celtics teams will have had at least 4 HoFers, with the 86 Celts maxing out at 5.


What have we learned? You [usually] cannot win it on your own. The 77 Blazers and 94 Rockets (dominant bigs with complementary parts) and 79 Sonics and 04 Pistons (known as great “teams”) were the exceptions, but more often than not, you need a few superstars to reach the promised land.

1992 Bulls vs Nets highlights

The defending (at the time 1-time) world champions vs the New Jersey Nets. Michael Jordan had 34 points this game.


Bulls Legendary Intro

Jordan’s famous chalk toss

Derrick Coleman with an incredible pass

MJ passes to his bigmen

MJ hangs in the air and fakes one handed, then passes to Pip for the jam

Pippen steals the inbounds pass, dishes it to Jordan for the smooth up and under lefty layup

Jordan lefty alleyoop layup

Michael saves the ball under his own basket… to the Nets for the jam. He makes mistakes too ya know

Pippen steals an inbounds pass again, gives it to Jordan who finds Grant for the finish

Pippen buzzer beating dunk (wouldn’t have counted today.. but no replay back then)

This shot would be on his all time highlight reel if he made it

MJ > Sam Bowie

MJ’s tenacious defense causes a 10-sec violation (backcourt was 10sec, not 8sec at the time)

BJ Armstrong with the sick behind the back move

Ball hits everywhere before falling in

And some bonus fun clips

Gorilla should be in the dunk contest

Air Gorilla